How Let's Go Works

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What makes ‘Let's Go’ different from the rest?

It's quite simple really... ‘Let's Go’ is the only Schools' Travel Plan solution built from the school and council’s point of view.

It takes the submission process and breaks it up into little bite size news and event chunks that can be input throughout the year. Each news or event is allocated to a particular incentive which all go toward your TFL bronze, silver or gold allocation at the end of the year. This innovative approach eliminates the need to trawl through a large, confusing and time consuming submission process.

This process also allows ‘Let's Go’ to be current, all the News and Event stories are posted to each individual schools page/microsite informing the parents, residents and general public about the efforts being taken to reduce the carbon footprint of each school and the borough as a whole.

Each chosen school administrator receives their own login details to the easy to use, ergonomic interface, allowing access to post on their page, submit to the Council, talk to others schools in the private forum, enter class hands up survey details, viewing and comparing reports on surveys, comparing results from class to class, year to year, year on year.

‘Let's Go’ helps you the council or school user, enter, edit and assess your travel plan news and events (the evidence) whenever you choose to, through an easy to use, user friendly interface. You can display and view your content and information on a bespoke to your school micro site, view school positions on a league table and talk to your peer group about issues affecting us all, it really does do everything you need! It couldn’t be simpler!

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