10 Reasons to use Let's Go

1 It's built and works from the School and Council's point of view, simplifying the process down to a series of tagged posts, just like posting on social media platforms except these posts go towards your TFL accreditation. What could be easier!
2 It offers a school friendly system that is simply presented. The processes and interface are easy to use with well-structured user journeys.
3 A league table adds the gamification factor, creating healthy competition between all the schools in the area (borough) and making it easier for the council to engage as many schools as possible into the program.
4 The ‘Lets Go – Rising Stars' system allows the Council Administrator to recognise outstanding events and initiatives implemented by schools in the borough. Allocating Stars (a maximum of 5 per year) keeps the league table active, giving schools the ability to move up the league table throughout the year, keeping the travel plan current, interesting, even exciting and allowing the users and public to see the schools' up to the minute progress.
5 Administration reduction is a key element to the system and its processes.  Simplifying and automating the submission process for both the schools and the council makes the Travel Plan process easy, manageable and enjoyable.
6 Our 'Pre-approval process' feature allows the Council Administrator to pre-approve submitted elements throughout the year, avoiding the huge workload for both school and council in the run up to accreditation.
7 News & Events. 'Let's Go' turns the submission process around, encouraging schools to submit their documentation (images and copy) throughout the year as news stories and events. These items are allocated to TFL set initiatives and make up part of the accreditation submission. This is far less daunting and simplifies the whole process. There are no longer any complicated forms requesting evidence and proof of events. You simply upload news and events with related pictures and tick what initiative it is relative to. That's it!
8 The internal communication system allows the council to guide and advise the school throughout the news and events submission process, helping schools get the most out of their participation and allowing the council to impart valuable information and advice to the school.
9 Each borough council has ownership of their own bespoke, branded ‘Lets Go’ solution. Council, schools, teachers, parents, children and the local community feel involved and have their own ownership and responsibilities for their local environment at every level. As an online solution with no printed documents required 'Let's Go' is also already Eco Friendly!
10 A school to school discussion forum, creating a hub for the schools to discuss initiatives, share ideas and offer advice.

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