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Q: How does the software work?

The whole system is a web based solution on a secure (SSL) password and firewall protected server. You simply login using your user name and password and away you go! Once in you can access all the admin tools, ad and subtract users, manage the schools, their micro site pages, the leader board and the forum, in addition to managing the council main site and the schools' submissions… Everything is at your fingertips.

Q: Can I import my existing school and/or nursery list?

If you have a list of your schools in an excel spread sheet or in a CSV file format then yes we can import it for you for free, saving you time and getting you up and running in no time!

Q: Is it a single user licence, or can I have it on many computers?

As the solution is based online you can access it from any computer and set up as many users as you like. The system is designed to be a user friendly as possible so most people will find it very easy to manage.

Q: How secure is the data we enter in to it?

The whole system is hosted on a secure layer (SLL) on our independent UK based servers. They are firewall and password protected with multiple redundancy in 3 different daily, weekly and monthly on site and off site backups.

Q: Am I able to buy the software outright?

Our software is not available to be purchased outright. There is one upfront payment and then yearly payments that cover all your hosting, maintenance, updates, and council & school support. These ongoing support features mean if there's an issue or problem of any kind you simply submit the issue to us through the built in ticketing system and we fix it.

Q: What are the payment options?

There is a one off payment at the start to get the system up and running for you, then a yearly charge that covers all hosting, maintenance, updates and support.

Q: I'm not very good with computers, will I be able to use it?

Yes, the system is built for everyone to be able to use it. It’s based around a simple 3 step process 'Command, Action, Result'. Everything in the system has this core process as its structure… 3 simple steps, what could be easier!

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